You have the Soul of a Champion

PSL for Exileforfreedom

Leaf grinned a little as she recalled the Rapidash while Will recalled his pokemon, not a even an encouraging word given to it. Poor thing really, but she hid the concern as she nodded to the Joutoan trainer. while this match had been mostly a private one, though anyone could have watched really - Lance was up in the stands, along with one or two others, Leaf still felt sorry for the pokemon.

"Good match, Itsuki-dono." Leaf grinned a little. "You fought well."

Her only answer was a grunt as the masked empath walked up to her and held out his hand. She shook it. "We should have spars like that more often, you know. It was fun!"

"Hmph." Will just scowled in her direction. "As you say, Champion."

"I.. Umm." Leaf startled and looked after him with a confused face when he only pushed past her. "Itsuki-dono?"

"Wataru-san will be wondering where you are, Fumiko-chan."

Leaf made a face as he walked away then then sighed before heading in another direction, this time down to the stairwell that would take her to the Pokecenter.